Getting Beyond Simply Providing Motivational Encouragement: Providing Actionable Steps To Change Our Audiences' Lives

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We will fill your audience with hope that they can reverse their disease while giving them practical tools they can implement immediately.

We Will Help your Audience

  • Find hope that their chronic disease can
    be reversed
  • Understand practical tools for storing
    health they can implement right away
  • Be inspired to take back their health
  • Be motivated to take action towards a
    happy and healthier future

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Booking Info  
720-722-1143   |

As functional medicine experts and leaders in their field, Dr. Diane and Dr. Miles have spoken about dozens of topics, here are a couple topic ideas for you to consider. We recommend scheduling a call with us so we can learn about the specific needs of you and your audience and can help you determine the value we can deliver on the topic you are looking for.

Hope for your future - Reverse your chronic disease

 (Learning objectives for this talk include)

  • Stories of amazing chronic disease reversal with the MWH method 
  • Hope and inspiration for reversing chronic disease in your community
  • How to utilize the MWH Method for ending chronic disease
  • Immediately implementable steps for reversing your disease process
  • Understanding of why people are just told they have to live with their disease
  • Actionable steps to continue to move towards health goals

Motivation and Mindset: Change your mind, change your life

(Learning objectives for this talk include)

  • Stunning and empowering research about using the mind to improve health
  • The psychology of change: how humans motivate themselves for self improvement
  • Actionable steps for self motivation and habit change
  • Why people "lose" motivation and stop moving towards their success
  • How mindset affects your physical health and what you can do about it


"Dr. Diane was the first person in my life to suspect and test for a condition that is fatal if not treated! I have immense gratitude to her and respect for her abilities. As it turns out the treatment is easy and, in Denver at least, no cost! And I feel great now, better than in decades. And the rest of my family is getting tested for this hereditary common condition, that for some reason, no other doctor ever even thought to look for in twenty years. Dr Diane had opened my eyes to a whole new life of physical health!"

Wendy Bellinger

Wendy Bellinger

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Dr. Diane and Dr. Miles are co-founders of the Medicine With Heart Functional Medicine Clinic and the Medicine with Heart Institute (online training enter for doctors and clinicians). They can be booked for speaking together or separately.

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