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Functional Medicine Colorado or via telemedicine for Lyme, Mold, Gut, Thyroid, and more.

If this sounds like you…

  • I’m looking to find the root causes of my health issues.
  • I want to find deeper happiness and joy in my life.
  • I’ve been searching for answers about why I’m feeling the way I do, and not finding the answers I need.
  • I have been to many doctors who have told me that my labs are normal, yet I don’t feel well.
  • I am willing to take supplements, work on my mindset, and to be part of a transformative life experience.

…then we invite you to schedule a free holistic healthcare discovery consultation today.

We don’t simply treat your symptoms – we find and eliminate their root cause. And in the process, we restore your health, increase your energy and teach you the tools you need for a healthy and happy life. We do this through research based functional medicine lab testing and identification of the root causes that have prevented you from being well.  Our Lakewood, Colorado Clinic serves both those locally at our in person clinic and around the country through telemedicine.

Take the first step! Sign up for a free 30 minute health discovery call to see if we can help you return to health, transform your life and deepen your happiness.

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*Offering In Person Sessions Too

We believe in the incredible ability of the human body to heal.

Our clinic founders experienced this first hand in their health journeys:

  • Dr. Miles struggled with severe chronic fatigue in his early 20s. He was able to identify and resolve Lyme co-infections, mold illness, thyroid imbalance, a gut infection, and an autoimmune process.

  • Dr. Diane suffered from extreme fibromyalgia from chronic infections, Lyme Disease, and mold illness. She literally considered moving to an island to live out her days because she thought she was dying. However, she was able to find the root causes and address them and is thriving today!

  • Most of our staff have had their own version of chronic health problems and are now greatly improved after applying the Medicine with Heart Method to identify and resolve root causes. 

For Dr. Miles and Dr. Diane, health was so bad that it could have turned into lives lost. Instead, through research, dedication, heart, and perseverance, they now experience health and energy that most humans do not even know is possible. The treatment method they used for themselves, the Medicine with Heart Method, is the same method they use for helping their clients.

What the founders and the staff at Medicine With Heart have learned, they offer to the clients they serve.

The human body has an amazing ability to heal. When we find the root cause, coach and educate about treatment strategies, and support the mind to persevere in difficult circumstances, anything is possible. 

You can persevere. You can heal. You can have the life you deserve. We are here for you.


"Dr. Diane was the first person in my life to suspect and test for a condition that is fatal if not treated! I have immense gratitude to her and respect for her abilities. As it turns out the treatment is easy and, in Denver at least, no cost! And I feel great now, better than in decades. And the rest of my family is getting tested for this hereditary common condition, that for some reason, no other doctor ever even thought to look for in twenty years. Dr Diane had opened my eyes to a whole new life of physical health!"

Wendy Bellinger

Wendy Bellinger

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If It Is the Right Fit, the First Step in Returning to Wellness Is:

Initial Visit

  • Detailed Case History
  • Review of Previous Lab Work
  • Additional Lab Ordered At Visit to Identify Missing Root Causes
  • Summary of Initial Treatment Plan Needed to Begin the Road Back to Wellness.

Take the first step! Sign up for a free 30 minute health discovery call to see if we can help you return to health, transform your life and deepen your happiness.

We are Lyme and Mold Literate Functional Medicine Doctors and treat a variety of health conditions including, but not limited to hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive issues, chronic fatigue and more.

We specialize in reversing complex chronic illness, and also in helping individuals achieve states of greater happiness, joy and purpose.  The Medicine With Heart Method of treatment includes functional medicine, mindset, meditation and breath work to hack your body, hack your mind, and hack your life.

While we are located in Lakewood, Colorado, we provide service to those around the United States via video sessions.

Common Conditions We Work With

Why Our Clinic Succeeds
With Challenging Cases

  • Test don't guess with functional labs
  • Address the root cause(s) found on labs
  • Research-based natural treatments
  • Supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle plans
  • Step by step approach with data and purpose
  • The Medicine with Heart Method integrates the best from functional medicine, meditation, and behavior design

Our Unique Approach to 
Improving Your Gut Health

  • We work with IBS, Chron's, Ulcerative Colitis, and people who have not had success with multiple other treatment methods
  • We test for and treat root causes like Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), parasite infections, h pylori, leaky gut, etc.
  • We train other doctors about how to address difficult digestive issues due to our success

Lyme Disease and
Lyme Literate Doctors

  • Our medical team is Lyme Literate
  • We address Lyme and co-infections
  • We also work on the immune system
  • Lyme toxins are also addressed
  • Mold toxin illness, mast cell activation, and autoimmune patterns are screened for
  • We address other infections like gut issues that are more likely in those with Lyme

Mold Illnesses and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

  • Mold Illness involves a genetic issue where the body does not properly eliminate the toxins that mold secretes
  • It can cause fibromyalgia, pain, headaches, dementia, chronic fatigue, brain fog, insomnia and so much more
  • Mold illness is referred to as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) because the body & brain are inflamed.

Do you Suspect Thyroid Issues
or Chronic Fatigue?

  • Many people fatigue have been told their lab tests are normal, but still feel off
  • Subclinical hypothyroidism is when the thyroid values are in the standard normal range, but not functioning optimally
  • Causes of chronic fatigue can be unrelated to thyroid, but we test for many root causes
  • We work to find the main causes and then address them systematically with research-based natural protocols

I Don't Know What's Wrong
With Me But I feel Off

  • Do you feel that something is off but doctors have run labs and tell you nothing is wrong?
  • Many of our clients are in this camp but when we do advanced functional medicine labs we discover multiple issues.
  • We are experts at finding the root cause and working towards solutions with issues that have not yet been identified.
  • It is very rare not to find actionable root causes when we do our case review process.

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