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Facts About Autoimmune Disease

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Research states that the root cause of autoimmunity is a triad of genetics, a trigger to activate the genes and leaky gut. We reverse autoimmune disease by looking at all three factors.

Healing autoimmune illness is a special blend of changes to your diet, stress levels, and incorporating natural medicines and lifestyle adjustments, to restore & retrain your immune system, so that you can experience vibrant health again.


The environmental trigger that turns on autoimmune disease can be viruses, bacteria, other infections, stress, nutrient deficiencies, toxins and more.

At Medicine With Heart, we are experts at getting to the root cause of autoimmune disease.

We Work With Early & Advanced Autoimmune Clients

We work with a myriad of autoimmune disease in our clinic including MS, Hashimoto’s Disease, Lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome, RA, JA, Pandas, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Type 1 Diabetes, Celiac Disease, AS, Vitiligo and More!

Some of our team members have had autoimmune disease first hand and understand that autoimmune disease puts on the entire life including work, relationships and total well being. When we get to the root cause of the autoimmune disease, we often are able to see symptoms reverse, lab markers reverse and the need for medication to cease.

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Autoimmune Body and Mind Root Cause Influences

IBS, dementia, autoimmune, mystery illness, PMS
IBS, Autoimmune,demetia, mystery illness, PMS

How We Treat Autoimmune Disease

At Medicine With Heart, our medical team is aware of the most advanced natural methods to diagnose and treat many autoimmune illnesses through an in-depth program to rebalance your immune system and get your body back on track. Following a blood test and a detailed discussion of your symptoms and history, our team can help diagnose your autoimmune disease and then map out an effective treatment plan, that will can execute together with plenty of support and guidance.

Want to know more? As we mentioned above, gut problems are one of the key root causes of any autoimmune disease. Get our gut recovery guide below.

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