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Facts About PCOS

There is often a genetic component to PCOS. Due to genetic abnormalities in the way the body processes testosterone, levels of testosterone can also raise in the blood. Increasing testosterone levels are a main contributor to PCOS. Examining hormones as a root cause of PCOS is part of our treatment strategy at MWH.

The onset of PCOS commonly begins with dysfunctional adipose or fat cells. Because these fat cells are not working correctly, we get a both a decrease in fat breakdown and insulin resistance.  Eating a whole food based anti-inflammatory diet can re-train the metalbolic pathways to utilize fat more effectively and reduce insulin resistance. 

The increase in insulin and sugar in the blood will cause the body to slow down the production of a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). When the production of SHBG decreases due to the excess blood sugar we get an increase in the testosterone levels available to the cells known as free testosterone. This increase in free testosterone is a main contributor to PCOS.

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A Clinical Team That Cares

At Medicine With Heart, we realize that Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is often not only a physical disease, but one that causes much depression and anxiety for many people who suffer from it. We typically see that those with PCOS do not have anxiety and depression on their own, but that these mood changes are a result of the intensity of living with these symptoms. Clients of ours report spending time scouring their face in the mirror every morning almost obsessively looking for the male pattern hair that may have sprouted on their face overnight.

In addition, it is common to feel frustrated over difficulty with losing weight even when one tries. Frequently, our clients have told us they have given up with trying to maintain a healthy weight since nothing they do seems to make a bit of a difference. Often times, we see that social relationships are impacted due to this disease process since this disease can really affect body image and feeling confident and comfortable in one’s own skin.

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Body and Mind Root Causes of PCOS

IBS, dementia, autoimmune, mystery illness, PMS
IBS, Autoimmune,demetia, mystery illness, PMS

Challenges of Living with PCOS

Many of our PCOS clients struggle with the intensity of difficulty losing weight and feel very uncomfortable in their own skin. Between the weight challenge that is common with this disease and the hair growth, many women also struggle with confidence issues that affect their social and romantic lives.

Life with PCOS is a struggle both internally and externally. Some women have success with diets such as keto, but for others these sorts of diets fail and lead to even more frustration. Often times PCOS is coupled with symptoms of sleep apnea and fatigue which make the disease even more challenging to live with.

constipation, multiple sclerosis

Fortunately there are answers and hope for change!

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