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We understand health struggles firsthand. Read about our practitioners and their healing stories using functional medicine.

  1. Functional Medicine: The most up to date lab testing and unique treatment protocols designed specifically for you.
  2. Meditation/Mindset: Addressing any thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns that are contributing towards an internal stress response, which impacts the healing process
  3. Behavioral Design: Applying and teaching the research on habit change to improve medical success. Coaching on how to make small easy changes to maximize success.

Our Functional Medicine Clinical Team

Dr. Miles Nichols, DAOM, MSOM, LAc is the co-founder of Medicine With Heart Clinic and the Medicine With Heart Institute. Dr. Miles is married to the co-founder of these organizations, Dr. Diane Mueller.

Dr Miles' Story:
Growing up, my father was a medical doctor focusing on public health. He was a kind, generous, and patient man. I do not remember him yelling even once in my life. He also changed the world. He founded a rural health office that took mobile clinics and sent them to rural areas for basic check-ups for people who did not have good access to healthcare. He became a State Legislator and then later a State Senator. He worked tirelessly to pass legislation that would give access to healthcare to the working poor.

One day while I was babysitting for a friend of my sister, I got a call from a family friend. She told me "something has happened with your father and you need to go to the hospital right away." My father had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack. I was 15 years old at the time.

This tragic event threw me for a loop. Then in my 20's I personally suffered from chronic fatigue. I remember being called into Valerie's office. Valerie was the president for the medical school I was attending. She said that although I was doing well academically, being late for my first class of the day was endangering my ability to get through medical school. I told her that I was really trying as hard as I could to get up and get going, but even if I got 8, 9, or even 10 hours of sleep I was still dragging in the mornings and even into the afternoon. She said something might be medically wrong. I told her that I had been to a conventional doctor and they had said everything looked fine. She encouraged me to seek additional medical help.

Dr. Miles Nichols, DAOM, MSOM, LAc

I spent many years seeing every specialist I could think of: naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, integrative MDs, energy healers, and more. Eventually I discovered a functional medicine mentor and was able to test myself for underlying root cause issues. I found a subclinical thyroid issue, autoimmune antibody, multisusceptible mold illness genetics with exposure to black mold, gut infections, sleep apnea, and chronic Lyme co-infections Babesia and Bartonella. I was able to recover my energy after treating these main root cause issues through functional medicine protocols. It was a difficult journey, and I have made it my mission to help other have something I never had: a step-by-step guided process through identifying root causes and reversing them, naturally when possible. 

Dr. Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc

Dr. Diane is the co-founder of Medicine With Heart and Medicine With Heart Institute, with her husband, Dr. Miles Nichols. Medicine With Heart is the clinical practice and the institute is a online certification school that trains practitioners around the world in functional medicine using the Medicine With Heart Method.

As a survivor of mold illness, Lyme Disease and chronic IBS symptoms, Dr. Diane Mueller is passionate about helping others restore their health and passion for life. Just like many of her patients, Dr. Diane struggled with chronic fatigue, extreme digestive dysfunction and chronic pain for many years with conventional medicine only offering mildly palliative treatments. Dr. Diane's journey to heal herself lead her to complete two doctorate degrees in holistic health care. She has a Doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine as well as a Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. In addition, she is certified in functional medicine.

Dr. Diane is relentless in finding the root cause of her clients chronic issues and is incredibly empathetic having gone through so much struggle with her own health. She and her team work to help people end chronic disease and live a life full of health, happiness and purpose. With her husband, Dr. Miles, she co-founded a mindfulness based functional medicine certification program where they certify practitioners around the world in advanced functional medicine testing and the most up to date research protocols.

As a national speaker and educator, Dr. Diane works to help both practitioners and clients understand advanced disease processes in very simply ways so they can apply the lifestyle and supplement protocols that will not only help them to restore help but to retain it. Dr. Diane is known all over the country as a functional medicine expert that other doctors seek to advise on advanced cases chronic disease reversal.

I completed my undergrad at California Polytechnic State University on the central coast of California in 2009, and continued my education which led me to healthcare.

After working in several different specialties of allopathic medicine as a nurse (RN), I found a love for natural medicine and have chosen to devote my educational background and healthcare experience to inspire people to be more intentional with their wellness. I have lived in Littleton, Co for 3 years with my partner, Dane, and our 3 dogs - Ajax, Jojo and Twailey.

My health journey has been a rough one. While completing my undergraduate degree I fell incredibly ill. For 3 months, I felt what I assumed was the worst flu in my life. Every muscle in my body hurt all day, every day. Then, for the next 2 years, my joints would unexpectedly lock up, especially in my fingers and hands, making it almost impossible to get anything done without struggle. After being referred to a rheumatologist, I was given the diagnosis of Systemic Lupus with an arsenal of prescriptions - steroids, immuno-suppressants, opioids, motility drugs, anti-psychotic drugs, and that was just the beginning. My health diminishing day by day and that took a very big tole on my mental well being. I feared that being in pain was my lifelong curse, and the only way to be out of pain would be to end my life.

A failed suicide attempt left me searching for answers. I began learning about holistic health, integrative nutrition and functional medicine. With a "what do I have to lose" attitude - I began changing my nutrition and fitness routine - and noticeably felt better. After that, I buried my face in books to learn about nutraceuticals vs pharmaceuticals and the difference they made in the human body. I made the switch to a complete, WHOLE wellness, lifestyle and within a year and a half had improved every one of my symptoms. Seeking, perusing and sticking with functional medicine has saved my life and it inspired me to use my education and experience to do the same for others.

Michelle Strong, RN, FM Nutritionist

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Our Amazing Support Staff

Andrea recently moved to Colorado in the Spring of 2019 and is extremely happy to call Colorado her new home.

She is very passionate about Lyme and complex chronic disease as a recently recovered Lyme survivor. She was previously following a career path in television and film production and agriculture, but her chronic Lyme diagnosis turned her life upside down.

Her own healing process, as well as her natural gravitational pull to many alternative healing therapies over the years, lead her to Functional Medicine and to a path of helping to heal others with chronic illness.

Our patients are always welcome to turn to her for moral support.

Andrea LaMothe, functional medicine office manager / patient advocate

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