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Medicine With Heart Clinic understands health struggles firsthand. Read about our practitioners and their healing stories using functional medicine.

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Conditions We Work With...

Below you will find conditions we commonly treat in the Medicine With Heart clinic; for a more comprehensive list of conditions we commonly see including hormones and cognitive decline; click here

1 Complex Cases
2 Gut
3 Lyme
4 Mold
5 Autoimmune
6 Thyroid
Complex Cases

Complex Cases

Why Our Clinic Succeeds...

  • Test don’t guess with functional labs
  • Address the root cause(s) found on labs
  • Research-based natural treatments
  • Supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle plans
  • Step by step approach with data and purpose
  • The Medicine with Heart Method integrates the best from functional medicine, meditation, and behavior design
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Complex Cases

Our Approach To Gut Health

  • We work with IBS, Chron’s, Ulcerative Colitis, and people who have not had success with multiple other treatment methods
  • We test for and treat root causes like Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), parasite infections, h pylori, leaky gut, etc.
  • We train other doctors about how to address difficult digestive issues due to our success
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Our Approach To Gut Health

Lyme Disease & Lime Literate Doctors

  • Our medical team is Lyme Literate
  • We address Lyme and co-infections
  • We also work on the immune system
  • Lyme toxins are also addressed
  • Mold toxin illness, mast cell activation, and autoimmune patterns are screened for
  • We address other infections like gut issues that are more likely in those with Lyme
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Lyme Disease & Lime Literate Doctors

Mold Illness & CIRS

  • Mold Illness involves a genetic issue where the body does not properly eliminate the toxins that mold secretes
  • It can cause fibromyalgia, pain, headaches, dementia, chronic fatigue, brain fog, insomnia and so much more
  • Mold illness is referred to as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) because the body & brain are inflamed.
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Mold Illness & CIRS

Autoimmune Conditions

  • The root cause of autpoimmunity is a triad of genetics, a trigger to activate the genes, and leaky gut.
  • Healing autoimmunity is a blend of dietary changes, reducing stress, and incorporating natural medicines and lifestyle changes to reorient the immune system to health.
  • The environmental trigger that turns on autoimmunity can be stem from a viral or bacterial infection or result from stress, nutrient deficiency. toxin overload, and more. 
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Autoimmune Conditions

Thyroid Issues & Chronic Fatigue

  • Many people fatigue have been told their lab tests are normal, but still feel off
  • Subclinical hypothyroidism is when the thyroid values are in the standard normal range, but not functioning optimally
  • Causes of chronic fatigue can be unrelated to thyroid, but we test for many root causes
  • We work to find the main causes and then address them systematically with research-based natural protocols.
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Thyroid Issues & Chronic Fatigue

Getting started is easy

Schedule a FREE discovery call with a Medicine With Heart Patient Care Coordinator today and learn about how our clinic can support your return to health. 

We specialize in reversing complex chronic illness, and also in helping individuals achieve states of greater happiness, joy and purpose

We don’t simply treat your symptoms – we find and eliminate their root cause. And in the process, we restore your health, increase energy and teach you the tools you need for a healthy, happy life. We utilize research-based functional medicine lab testing to identify root causes that have prevented you from being well.

Client Process

Detailed Case History
  • Discovery session to uncover your health history.
  • Accounts for past treatments and labs 
  • Designed to fully listen to your experience.
Functional Labwork
  • We use a test not guess approach
  • Labs order to identify root causes your symptoms.
Returning To wellness
  • Research based, step by step approach
  • Natural treatments, supplements, & nutrition
The Medicine With Heart Method
  • An expert integration of functional medicine, psychology, meditation, and breathwork designed to heal your body, mind, and life. 

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying...

Still not sure? Besides talking to us directly, one of the best ways to get to know our clinic is through our client success stories! We love sharing them (and would love to share yours too!)