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The Intricacy and Complexity of Lyme Disease


Borrelia, the bacteria associated with Lyme disease can morph and change its shape allowing it to hide from the immune system.This survival mechanism makes it extremely difficult to eradicate Lyme without advanced treatment strategies.

Because of the effect of Lyme Disease on our immune system, those with Lyme may be more reactive to COVID19. We recommend prevention for COVID and treatment for Lyme for most people. Call our office to help us determine how we can work with you.

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The complexity of this pathogen makes is important to work with a Lyme Literate Doctor. Lyme Literate Doctors understand the intricacies of Lyme disease and the necessary components of effective treatment. Our doctors know how to guide you through treatment, deal with herxheimer reactions, and prevent reoccurring illness.

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Medicine with Heart has long been considered one of Colorado’s foremost Lyme literate functional medicine practices. Dr Miles has been sought out by patients for treatment and doctors for training about how to work with Lyme. To find out more about working with the clinic, book a complimentary 30 minute discovery consultation by clicking below.

A 'Lyme Literate' Approach To Treatment

It can be a frustrating task to find a Lyme Literate Doctor. This is one reason why we not only work with people in the greater Denver area but with people all over the world. Medicine With Heart’s Founder, Dr. Miles has survived chronic tick born infections that once plagued him with chronic fatigue, pain, fibromyalgia and more. He knows first hand how Lyme Disease is a disease that affects work, relationships, purpose and passion. 

We emphasize the importance of seeing Lyme literate doctors because we feel strongly that Lyme literate doctors are more up to date on the research and the treatment of Lyme disease.

To learn more about our clinic and Dr. Miles approach to treating Lyme disease, schedule a call with us today. 

What is a Herxheimer Reaction?

Herxheimer reactions are negative reactions to detoxification and the killing of pathogens. While sometimes herxheimer reactions are difficult to avoid as we learn how your body responds to specific and unique treatments, we want to avoid herxheimer reactions as much as possible. Some doctors encourage Lyme patients to take a year off of work and life because of intense detox reactions. Our philosophy is different. If your body is responding negatively to a Lyme treatment it is a sign that you are killing pathogens at a rate that your body is not able to detox the toxins that get released when Borrelia is dying.  This is inflammatory to the body and is important to minimize as much as possible.

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symptoms of Lyme Disease in Human

Top 5 Reasons for Herxheimer Reactions

  • Too many toxins coming in
  • Too few toxins going out
  • NRF2 gene disruption: leads to lowered ability to detoxify
  • MRP2 protein disruption: leads to lowered abilty to detoxify
  • Phase I and Phase II detoxification imbalances

Lyme Disease Body and Mind Root Causes

IBS, dementia, autoimmune, mystery illness, PMS
IBS, Autoimmune,demetia, mystery illness, PMS