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Colorado Functional Medicine Doctor specializing in chronic, complex cases of Lyme, Mold, Gut Health, Autoimmunity, Hormone Imbalance, and more.

Offering in-clinic and telemedicine treatments.


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The fact that online courses exists and is such an essential tool, it’s really helped us with scaling and still feeling connected to one another across remote offices and remote teams.

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Updated regularly with the cutting edge research and hot topics in functional medicine. Check back frequently to stay in the know.

Can Meditation Boost Cognition?

Can Meditation Boost Cognition?

Cognition inevitably declines with age. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. To combat this decline, we can use epigenetic lifestyle factors. Diet, exercise, and mindfulness […]

Is Exercise The Fountain Of Youth?

Is Exercise The Fountain Of Youth?

We are living longer. To truly enjoy  this longevity we need to maintain good brain health. It is a fact that cognition declines with age. […]

Eat Right For Your Brain – Optimize Cognition Through Diet

Eat Right For Your Brain – Optimize Cognition Through Diet

Much of our health is in our hands. Genetics is merely one aspect. For most people, epigenetics is really what drives health and how we […]

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