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*This webinar was recorded on 3/21/20. We will continue to record new webinars as information changes. Please check back here for updated information. 

Facts About COVID-19

This microorganism spreads much faster than the flu. While the death rate is much lower than the flu, the great concern is the amount of people that could be sick at one time and the lack of resources to support them.

It is important to both address the pathogen, any immune issues, and any imbalances in the body that the pathogen may have created. Those that have the strongest immune systems will be the ones most easily able to fight the virus

We are learning more and more about this virus every day. When we hear information that is important to our community to know, we will add it to this page or create a new webinar. 

Dr. Miles, Dr. Diane and their entire clinical team are working to help keep supplements in stock and support the community as much as possible during this time. If you are suffering from any sort of illness, this is an ideal time to get started with treatment and care. 

Coronavirus is serving as an impetus for many to get the testing that is needed to finally get to the root cause of our health issues.  Our clinic specializes in tough cases that no one else has been able to solve. Have a difficult case of chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, dementia, hormone imbalance, lyme disease or mold illness that has not been resolved? Please talk to us! Schedule a free call to get information and find out if we can help you!