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* Research Based Content on How to Train Your Mind to be Less Busy

* Supportive Care Exercises That Can Create Healthy Change in 5 Minutes/day

* Training on the Science of How to Make Changes in Your Life That Last



14 Day Happiness Challenge

*Learn the Science Behind How Humans Create Their Own Happiness Regardless of Their Circumstances

*Become Empowered to Take Charge of Your Internal State of Mind Even When Healing From Disease


Free E Copy of Our Previous Book "Stress Resilience"

* In each chapter we cover one small change you can make to cultivate higher level of life resiliency when facing challenges! 

Have You Ever Found Yourself.....

> Very sick but look fine from the outside

> Been to lots of doctors but still sick

> Had a difficult time keeping up with relationships due to health

> Circular thinking about your health

> Wondering if it is time to find a new clinician

> Feeling like something is still missing

> Confused about what treatment to do

If any of these sound like you, this book will transform your life. It truly is a survivor's guide, consisting of how to find the right clinician, updates in researched based treatments, working with the power of the mind and how to find the missing root causes of what is stopping you from healing. 


What They Say about the Book

"This book really stuck a cord with me on a personal level. For years, I thought I was the only person on this earth suffering the way that I was, and I believed that I was crazy. To know that there are other people out there like me, and that there is more to my wellness than just pills and treatment, is so meaningful to me. This book is for anyone suffering in silence that needs to take that extra step in their health journey"

Michelle Strong

Dr. Diane really paints a vivid picture of how the mind is a critical factor in dealing with health - her story is inspiring (as well as Dr. Miles’), and lends credibility to how many factors go into being and feeling like our optimal selves. I would recommend this book to anyone struggling with Lyme, mold, or chronic infections, so that they can have a better understanding of what it takes to feel good again.

Cat Alltop

About Dr. Diane Mueller and Dr. Miles Nichols: 

As survivors of Lyme, Mold Illness and CoInfections, this Doctor Duo is passionate about helping the world better understand Lyme and Mold treatment.

They co-own a functional medicine clinic based in Lakewood, Colorado and offer telemedicine sessions throughout the United States.

They are passionate about speaking and educating and have been keynote speakers and appeared on many podcasts and stages around the world.

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