The Top Three Labs That Get Missed  When Someone Has Gastrointestinal Problems

Gut Health Presentation: Learn the Missing Lab Tests and Root Causes that Most Doctors are Not Doing

What You Will Learn During This Presentation: 

  • 1
    Commonly Missed Lab Tests in Gut Dysfunction Patients
  • 2
    The Medicine With Heart Method of Treatment: Why It Works
  • 3
    What To Do If Your Labs Are Normal To Get More Answers To Root Causes
  • 4
    Working With Mindset During Treatment
  • 5
    Commonly Missed Treatment Strategies
  • 6
    And Much More!

Your Host: Dr. Diane Mueller

  • IBS, Lyme Disease and Mold Illness Survivor
  • Helped Thousands of People With Chronic Disease
  • Trained Hundreds of Docs and Clinicians in the Medicine With Heart Treatment Method

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