Mystery Illness- original

Do you feel like you have a mystery illness? Is something is wrong but you have no idea what?

Your Functional Medicine Telemedicine Experts

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We are experts at finding answers to our clients' mystery illnesses when others have not.

Seriously what is wrong with me?

You may feel that you have had so many tests done. If you feel this way, let us assure you that we have not once had a client that has ever had all the advanced testing done that we do.

Advanced diagnostic testing can help us figure your mystery illness out. We offer testing beyond what conventional medicine does. This advanced testing allows us to go organ system by organ system to figure out where the imbalances are.

We also run tests that show not just disease but optimal functioning. Sometimes an organ is not malfunctioning badly enough to create a "disease". However, long before disease sets in, the organ may not be running optimally, which can still lead to some major symptoms and can explain your mystery illness. 

At Medicine With Heart Clinic, we are determined to get you the answers and solutions you deserve. We will help you find the answers to your mystery illness.

A Clinical Team That Cares

Our founding members, our clinical team and many of our staff have all been in positions earlier in life of having extreme health issues that no one could find the answers to (aka mystery illnesses). It is scary not knowing what is going on, but seeing oneself decline and not performing at what you know if your peak. 

You may be experiencing intensity and isolation due to not having answers. Sometimes our clients in this situation have self doubt and depression. It can be hard on relationships to know that something is wrong but being told you are fine by the medical community. Often times family and friends do not understand. Our team will help provide both understanding and support while we do the work to get you the answers to your health concerns that you deserve. 

If you would like more information about seeing our clinical team, you can learn more below.

Body and Mind Root Cause Influences of Mystery Illness

We use advanced test to look at the health of your organs and glands not just for disease but for optimal functioning. Often times symptoms occur when the body is not functioning optimally (which shows on our labs) but it is just not bad enough for it to be a disease yet. You can still feel really bad at this phase!

It can be scary to not know what is wrong.

A common thing we hear in our practice is, "I have been to so many doctors and done so many labs, yet no one can tell me what is wrong with me". This is frustrating, scary and it can make one angry. It can lead to self doubt when one is told again and again that labs are normal and there is nothing wrong. We encourage you to trust yourself and what you feel. 

Our clients have often been told by doctors that there is nothing wrong with them and it is all in their head. They have been told to go on psychiatric medication. We help our clients by deeply listening to their story and believing what they are telling us. This guides us down the treatment path. 

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