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Dr Miles Nichols &

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Aaron Mello




Dr Miles Nichols is a functional medicine doctor and certified Sheng Zhen Meditation teacher. After struggling with chronic fatigue in his 20’s, he found a thyroid issue, gut infections, chronic Lyme co-infections, mold illness, and an autoimmune process against cells in his stomach (all this despite having been told nothing was wrong from conventional doctors). After reversing root causes, practicing Sheng Zhen Meditation, and implementing specific breathwork, Dr Miles feels great. Today, Dr Miles is passionate about sharing what he learned in his own healing journey with patients in the Medicine with Heart Clinic. He and his wife Dr Diane Mueller have created a systematic approach to guide clients through functional medicine lab testing for root causes and research-based natural treatment strategies. Dr Miles and Dr Diane also co-founded the Medicine with Heart Institute that trains practitioners in functional medicine.

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