Before booking your appointment:

  • Please thoroughly read the pricing page
  • If you are here because of hearing about or being referred to Dr Diane Mueller, please book with Dr Miles Nichols. Dr Miles is Dr Diane's husband and was Dr Diane's primary doctor through her Lyme disease recovery. Dr Diane is asking all potential patients to see Dr Miles. She is not taking new patients at this time.
  • Here you will book your initial consultation and pay $400 deposit towards your case review process (refundable if you cancel at least 48 hours prior to your appointment). The remaining $1,600 balance of the case review process will be due after your initial constulation.
  • Virtual sessions via video are offered Mondays - Wednesdays. In-person visits (Lakewood, CO) are available on Wednesdays only.

Still Not Sure? 

If you have questions that we did not answer on this page, we are happy to help! You can call us directly or book a specific time to talk to one of our team members at the button below. 720-722-1143