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Dementia and Cognitive Decline:

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Facts About Dementia and Cognitive Decline

Brain injuries like concussion, medication side effects or a vitamin B12 deficiency can bring about cognitive issues that aren't always properly resolved with therapy after they are diagnosed.

Dementia and cognitive decline typically begins with mild memory loss, but can escalate to severe personality changes, poor judgement and choices, loss of motor function, deep confusion and inability to recognize even close family members.

Traditionally treatments for neurological problems include some form of medication which typically doesn't deal with the root cause of the illness that can be lessened or reversed by meaningful lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, using herbal remedies  and balancing genetic factors. The earlier we find and address dementia and cognitive decline the better.

Get Help for You and Your Loved Ones!

Dementia and cognitive decline is one of the scariest symptoms to witness in oneself and others. Often times we are either told by the medical community to take medication or to simply watch and wait. Fortunately there are things we can do to get to the reason for the cognitive decline and often reverse it. 

Certainly Alzheimer's Disease is extreme example of dementia. Many people however suffer from mild cognitive impairment, including loss of memory, for example the inability to quickly remember names and numbers, which doesn't hugely impact their ability to maintain necessary daily activities. For others, the dementia is much more severe.

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Body and Mind Root Cause Influences

Top Reasons for Dementia and Cognitive Decline

Toxin buildup

Vascular issues 

Insulin resistance and blood sugar issues

Lyme Disease and other infections

Mold Illness

Toxic Metals

Nutrient Imbalances

Mold Illness

Adrenal Dysfunction and Stress

What do we do about it?

  1. 1
    Advanced Lab Testing beyond the scope of conventional medicine to determine the cause
  2. 2
    Unique dietary and supplement plans specific to your labs and health needs
  3. 3
    Photobiomodulation: Light therapy that has been shown to improve cognitive function
  4. 4
    Some infections and toxin issues have been linked to cognitive decline. Through advanced lab testing, we can identify these kinds of issues.
  5. 5
    Education and training on how to make stress your friend

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