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Conditions We Commonly See in Our Clinic

1 Mystery
2 Lyme & Mold
3 Gut
4 Hormones
5 Autoimmune
6 Cognitive

Have Doctors Told You Nothing is Wrong?

You may feel that you have had so many tests done. If you feel this way, let us assure you that we have not once had a client that has ever had all the advanced testing done that we do.

Advanced diagnostic testing can help us figure your mystery illness out. We offer testing beyond what conventional medicine does. Advanced testing allows us to go organ system by organ system to figure out where the imbalances are.

We also run tests that examine optimal functioning as well as disease. Many times there is not enough malfunction to create “disease”. However, when an organ is not running optimally, symptoms can arise and create mystery illness. 

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Have Doctors Told You Nothing is Wrong?
Lyme & Mold

Looking for a Lyme & Mold Literate Doctor?

The complexity Lyme & Mold make it important to work with experts in the field. We emphasize the importance of seeing Lyme & Mold literate doctors because of the importance of staying up to date on the latest research and treatment methods. Our doctors know how to guide you through treatment, deal with herxheimer reactions, and prevent reoccurring illness.

Lyme & Mold illness are specifically difficult to treat because they have survival mechanisms that makes them extremely difficult to eradicate without advanced treatment strategies.

Medicine with Heart has long been considered one of Colorado’s foremost Lyme & Mold literate functional medicine practices. Dr Miles has been sought out by patients for treatment and doctors for training about how to work with Lyme & Mold. 

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Looking for a Lyme & Mold Literate Doctor?

Suffering From Gut Problems, IBS, or SIBO?

Have you had gut symptoms and/or IBS for some time without knowing the root cause? Or perhaps, if you cheat on your diet or travel, you find that your bowels change and you get symptoms? It can be so frustrating not to know what foods you are going to react to.

You may have completed food sensitivity testing and found that avoiding foods from that test does not make a difference. You may have had many tests run, but answers were not elicited, or perhaps you have found answers but none of the treatments are working.

Our team is here to help you get to the root of your IBS, IBD or other gut health issues. We use cutting edge testing, nutrition, and treatment methods to reverse the root cause of your digestive complaints. 

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Suffering From Gut Problems, IBS, or SIBO?

Is hormone imbalance affecting you?

Hormones are responsible for SO MANY of the processes that occur in the body everything from digestion, to cognition, metabolism, and energy. 

New scientific research shows that stress levels, toxin exposure, liver health, inflammation, the flora in your gut (microbiome), and genetics  play a crucial role in regulating hormones. If any of these root cause areas are out of balance, hormone production is often affected. 

All of the parts of life connected to hormones: sexuality, fertility, energy, metabolism, digestion, etc. suffer when hormones are out of balance. We do advanced lab testing to figure out the true cause and fix that so we can avoid life long hormonal replacement therapy because we understand and fix the root. This is how we make profound, lasting changes to hormonal systems.

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Is hormone imbalance affecting you?

Want an autoimmune approach that is effective and in-line with the latest research?

We work with a myriad of autoimmune diseases in our clinic including MS, Hashimoto’s Disease, Lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome, RA, JA, Pandas, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Type 1 Diabetes, Celiac Disease, AS, Vitiligo and more.

The root cause of autoimmunity is a triad of genetics, a trigger to activate the genes and leaky gut. We reverse autoimmune disease by looking at all three factors. 

Our team can help diagnose and map out an effective treatment plan that we can execute with plenty of support and guidance. Healing autoimmunity is a special blend of dietary changes, stress reduction, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments that retrain your immune system to experience vibrant health again.

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Want an autoimmune approach that is effective and in-line with the latest research?

What if your brain could function better with age?

Brain injuries like a concussion, medication side effects, or a vitamin B12 deficiency can bring about cognitive issues that aren’t always properly resolved with therapy after they are diagnosed. Cognitive decline and dementia typically begins with mild memory loss, but can escalate to severe personality changes, poor judgement and choices, loss of motor function, deep confusion and inability to recognize even close family members.

Traditionally treatments for neurological problems include some form of medication which typically doesn’t deal with the root cause of the illness that can be lessened or reversed by meaningful lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, using herbal remedies  and balancing genetic factors. The earlier we find and address dementia and cognitive decline the better.


What if your brain could function better with age?

Getting started is easy

The human body has an amazing ability to heal. When we find the root cause, use appropriate treatment strategies, and support the mind to persevere difficult circumstances, anything is possible. 

A message from our team

Our clinical team have all been in positions earlier in life of having extreme health issues that no one could find the answers to (aka mystery illnesses). We know firsthand how scary it is not to know what is going on, see oneself decline, and not perform at your peak. 

We commonly hear, “I have been to so many doctors and done so many labs, yet no one can tell me what is wrong with me“. This is frustrating and it can make one angry. It can lead you to doubt yourself. We encourage you to trust yourself and what you feel.  We help our clients by deeply listening to their story and believing what they are telling us. This guides us down the treatment path.

You deserve answers to your health concerns that you deserve, we will do the work to get them with you and support you in your return to health. 

The Medicine With Heart Method

At our clinic, we use an expert integration of functional medicine, psychology, meditation, and breathwork designed to heal your body, mind, and life. 

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Our team is here to support the whole you

Comprehensive intake
Cutting edge labs & diagnostics
Research based treatment plan
Step by step treatment sequence
Customized nutrition
Supplements to treat root causes
Behavior & habit change support
Mindfulness training
Health coaching
Online community
Follow up testing & treatment
Return to wellness

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