Lyme, Mold and Chronic Infections are Mental Illnesses Too

(But Not in the Way This Sounds) 

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Lab Tests that We Recommend for the Chronic Infections and Chronic Toxin Community

Tests for Lyme disease

  • Western Blot
  • PCR

We recommend using a combination of both the of these testing mechanisms and have them interpreted by a Lyme Literate Doctor. Doctors who are not trained in Lyme Disease often do not know how to interpret these labs correctly. We use Vibrant Wellness for this test.

Tests for Chronic Insect Borne Infections

  • PCR
  • Antibody Testing

We recommend using both testing mechanisms and treating also based upon symptoms that are associated with the various insect borne infections. Testing mechanisms still need large improvements. We use Vibrant Wellness for this test.

Tests for Other Pathogens

  • MARCoNS testing
  • Mycoplasma

Note: For MARCoNs we use a company called Microbiology. For Mycoplasma we use Clongen.

Tests for Chronic Hidden Viruses

  • Nagalase
  • CD 21 Viral receptor for EBV

Note: Nagalase is a broad test that can help identify if their is a virus present. It does not tell the specifics of the virus. Since antiviral herbs have a broad spectrum of treatment, the specifics of the virus are often not necessary. Nagalase can also likely test for activation of retroviruses

Tests for Gut Imbalances

  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Test (SIBO)
  • Comprehensive Data Stool Analysis (CDSA)
  • LPS Antibodies for Intestinal Permeability

Note: The 3 hour lactulose breath test for SIBO is the best one to get. Diagnostic Solutions, Genova and Doctors Data all have good CDSAs.

Tests for Hormonal Imbalances

  • Dutch Complete Panel

Note: This includes adrenal testing as well as hormonal testing. This lab uses the most up to date testing mechanism.

Tests for Nutrient Imbalances

  • NutrEval

Note: This will test for liver detoxification pathways as well as for nutrient imbalances

Tests for Adrenal Function

  • Dutch Adrenal Test is the best on the market

Note: If you cannot do this test, next best is a solo salivary cortisol awakening response 30 minutes after awakening.

Tests for Toxic Metals

  • Quicksilver Toxic Metals

Many tests need to have a provocation agent used when testing in order to dump the metals from the cells so they can be measured in the blood. Quicksilver has a testing technology that the test can pick up metals even without the provocation agent.

Tests for Mold

  •  HLA-DR, TGFB-1, MMP-9

While many people are using urinary mycotoxin tests, these tests have important limitations. If a healthy person comes across mold toxins, the mold toxins will end up in the urine as this is a normal part of detox. Therefore, urinary mycotoxin tests will show elevation in both those with mold illness as well as those having a healthy detox response. For this reason, we like the Shoemaker markers described above.

Other Blood Markers

We recommend that you also run a CBC, Vitamin D, TSH, Reverse T3, Anti- TPO, Anti-TG, Free T3, Free T4, CMP, and an ANA. We use a company called Evexia for these markers. If you are a practitioner interested in setting up an Evexia Account (and getting the $250 set up fee waved), click the set up button below.

Other Testing Considerations

Food allergy and sensitivity testing (IgG, IgE, IgA, IgG4) can serve some people. For those with MCAS, serum tryptase is recommended. Additionally, we can run a Serum Diamine Oxidase which can help with other histamine issues.

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