Best Functional Medicine Doctors Colorado

Best Functional Medicine Doctors Colorado

The great thing about searching for "functional medicine doctors Colorado" is that so many of us are doing telemedicine these days and so you are not necessarily limited by state.  So even if you are in a different state, you can utilize functional medicine doctors in Colorado (or in other states). 

In determining the best functional medicine doctor it is important to realize that the "best" for everyone, may or may not be the best for you. We find that it is super important that we are aligned with our clients philosophically.  Sharing similar philosophies on health and how to achieve it makes for a better client-doctor interaction. 

It is useful to begin you process of looking for the best functional medicine doctor in Colorado (or elsewhere) by making yourself a list of what feels important in a relationship with medical professionals. 

For Example: 

* What is your philosophy on drugs and medications versus supplements? 

* What is your philosophy on lab testing versus muscle testing? 

* How willing are you to make lifestyle changes? 

* How willing are you to invest in your health outside of insurance? 

* Is the ability to prescribe medication important to you? 

* How important is it to be able to get in between session support from your care provider? 

* How important is individualization of treatment plan and lab testing to you?

Looking for Searching For Best Functional Medicine Doctors Colorado?

Once you have your list of important factors, call and talk to the office of doctors you are thinking about working with. There are many GREAT doctors that are not the right fit. We find that while we get amazing results, we are not the right clinic for everyone. When it is a good fit, it is a beautiful relationship full of transformation and finally reaching health goals. When it is not a good fit, the experience is not ideal on either side. This is why it is worth it to get a sense of what is valuable to you in a clinic and begin your research to make sure you find the right clinic that matches those values. 

At our functional medicine clinic, we offer free phone consultations for our prospective clients. This is a way to talk to us to help you determine if we are the right fit. To book a free phone consult with one of our team members click on the button below!

Our Philosophies Include: 

* Drugs/Medications are not the first route we go in most cases but we feel it is important to consider all treatment options

* We have standards of care that include individualized treatment plans

* Maximizing lifestyle and mindset are essential parts of the wellness plan

* Using researched based lab testing to find the root causes of your symptoms is where we start

* In between session support is essential to good care and results

If the above statements resonate with you, we encourage you to call our office at 720-722-1143 to book your first visit or make an appointment for a free health evaluation call at the button below!

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