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Get the latest in research by reading our functional medicine blogs! We release multiple functional medicine blogs every month! If you are looking for training in functional medicine, we have online functional medicine training programs which you can access by clicking the button below. If you are just here for your own education, please note that you can search specific topics in the search bar above.  We hope you enjoy reading our functional medicine blogs!

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BLOG TITLE Your Functional Medicine Experts Offering Telemedicine and In-Person Clinic To see how our clinic can help with your health needs, schedule a free

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pemf benefits

PEMF Benefits

In this blog, we will look at PEMF. You will learn:What Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF isThe Benefits of PEMFA few tips on choosing

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Anti-Aging Supplements

Anti Aging Supplements

Are you interested in anti-aging solutions?  If you want to know more about anti-aging and how to best optimize your health, then this blog is

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testing for lyme disease

First text block Your Functional Medicine Health Clinic To see if our clinic can help you with your health needs, schedule a free call with

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Colorado Functional Medicine

Colorado Functional Medicine

Learn About Our Colorado Functional Medicine Clinic and how we differ from Traditional Medicine. Do you know what the terms traditional medicine and ‘Functional Medicine’ mean?

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chronic fatigue syndrome testing

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Testing

In this blog, we will look at Chronic Fatigue Syndrome testing. You will learn:What Chronic Fatigue Syndrome isWhat testing is currently availableHow Functional Medicine can

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Is Lyme Disease Curable?

In this blog, we will focus on answering the question ‘Is Lyme Disease Curable?’. You will learn:What the basic approach to treating Lyme Disease isWhat

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Best Functional Medicine Doctors Colorado

Best Functional Medicine Doctors Colorado The great thing about searching for “functional medicine doctors Colorado” is that so many of us are doing telemedicine these

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what is lyme disease

What is Lyme Disease? In this blog, you will learn:What the signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease areHow Lyme Disease is diagnosedWhy it is important to

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